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Nominations are open January 1, 2020, and closes May 30, 2020, at midnight.




The SGIA Men & Women Empowerment Awards, presented by Social Good In Action, Inc. and sponsored by FIS, recognizes members helping to sustain and improve their communities through community service and volunteer efforts. 

Even though you may not seek recognition for your community efforts, your example can serve as inspiration for others to take action in our world and local communities. We look forward to seeing your nominations.



The SGIA Women of  Empowerment Awards was launched in 2017 to acknowledge the valuable role Men & Women play in sustaining communities across the city, nation, and nationally recognize and reward them for their unparalleled volunteer community service and efforts. 

In 2018, the awards program was redesigned to be more inclusive of Men & Women in the community for service, Efforts and to streamline the nomination process. Since 2018, more than 300 women have joined the movement. They have served in many different ways and have been recognized for the SGIA MOE & WOE Awards.



All community banks with a volunteer community service program helping to sustain and improve the communities they serve are eligible to be nominated for the 2019 SGIA Men & Women Empowerment Awards.

Entry is free for all and entries are encouraged. You may nominate yourself.




Your community service programs do not need to meet all of the judging criteria, however, nominations are evaluated on the following four criteria:

Program Impact: What is the goal of your community service program? How well does your program accomplish that goal? What positive changes have the project has made on the community?

Program Creativity: The creativity or innovative nature of the service program. Did you design this service effort organically or was it already established?

Employee Involvement: The involvement of bank employees in the community service program. What percentage of bank employees are involved in the project?

Time Donated: Average number of hours donated annually by bank employees for the community service program.




Nominations are open January 1, 2020, and closes May 30, 2020, at midnight.


Grand National Award: A community bank which demonstrates extraordinary commitment to their local community by creating and participating in a volunteer community service program that has a tremendous positive impact on the communities it serves.

National Awards: Two community banks which demonstrate an exemplary commitment to their local community through volunteer community service efforts.

Honorable Mentions: Five community banks recognized for unparalleled volunteer community service programs.


In addition, National Award recipients and honorable mention recipients will be honored during one of the general sessions at Sonrise Community Church 2019 with a dedicated, short video about their respective programs. 





 Martesha C. Haynes-Burrage

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